Contract with the King

Canal Street Legends

Canal Street Legends

Contract with the King is my story of Elvis as I wished it had turned out.

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  1. I found your book quite moving. Will you be writing a second book about these fascinating characters?

  2. Paul Pullen says:

    Thanks, Charles, I am knee deep in the screenplay for “Contract” and am enjoying revisiting the novel’s characters. Yes, I can actually see a sequel. Perhaps a kidnapping of Bob Dylan is in order.

    How is your book coming?


  3. Paula Walton Pedigo says:

    Wow! As a huge Elvis fan, I found this book facinating. It was funny, serious, had all the twists and turns and even had me almost believing that he survived!

    The last 130 pages I couldn’t put the book down… I was there, I could feel the excitment and the tension – I’ve been in his audiences twice and this made the third time!

    I knew my birthday had come tho – sadly, the radio stations didn’t have to say a word, they just played and played. What a sad day in our lives. This author brought him back to us with hope and dreams and in a reality that could be possible … and believeable.

    Thank you Paul.

  4. Contract with the king.. I like it 🙂

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