Review of Contract with the King by Charles Frenzel

A Different Vision for Elvis, August 31, 2007

By Charles Frenzel


I’m not an Elvis fan. After I read the first chapter, I still wasn’t an Elvis fan, but something about the way the characters really cared for each other struck me as one of the best possible ways to get at Elvis, the image, the man, and how he affected people who were growing up in the nineteen fifties.


This is not a nostalgia trip. There’s some formidable psychological truths embedded in these pages, and when the meaning of “contract” became evident, I had more than a few tears in my eyes.


Read this book if you want a different slant on how Elvis ultimately gave real meaning to his life and legend. Read this book if you want to examine your motives for the things you do for and to others around you. We all know how the story ultimately ends, but believe me when I tell you that this book has some surprising twists and turns that made me feel like I had glimpsed a whole new type of family.


Congratulations to Paul Pullen for doing a great job!

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